AuthAir’s first-of-its-kind HealthCare solution, AuthAir Dental is a cutting edge technology solution that makes logging in and out of Dental office systems more secure without the hassles of modifying your existing processes and procedures. Our solution seamlessly integrates with simple and complex infrastructures while adding additional layers of security. We help businesses large and small – meet regulations head on with compliance while promoting Dental industry best practices.

The AuthAir Dental Solution is packaged as follows: one time Set-up Fee which covers a site survey to determine the optimal configuration, customization of the desired proximity triggers per workstation, installation and deployment; and User Fees per person, per year. AuthAir Dental scales to hundreds of users across multiple locations. There’s no confusing code to type in for access. The tokens stay conveniently in staff pockets, or worn on an optional lanyard, making use of secure communication, seamlessly interacting with previously secured workstations to create an authentication geofence around your practice’s office computer network.

Only a valid user with an authorized AuthAir Dental token on their person will automatically unlock an AuthAir Dental secured station when they come within an allowable distance, and be able to read or edit patient records in your practice management software. When authorized users step out of the operatory, the AuthAir Dental secured station instantly locks down and can’t be accessed by patients or visitors. When a Dentist, Hygienist or Assistant wearing or carrying an authorized AuthAir Dental token re-enters the operatory, and approaches the AuthAir Dental secured station, access is immediately restored, right where they left off, without requiring anyone to manually log back in. What’s more, each AuthAir Dental token is uniquely assigned to each staff member. Audit trails are electronically captured, which make it a snap if you ever need to determine later, who accessed the system when.


  • Ease your HIPAA concerns with AuthAir Dental
  • Seamless & painless workstation login that meets HIPAA guidelines
  • Less costly than HIPAA fines, Smart Cards, and other alternatives


  • Integrates with your existing hardware and Windows based practice management software
  • Works equally well in operatories, in offices and at the front desk
  • Automatic lock and unlock when staff enters the room
  • Requires no change to office process or procedures


  • Speed and efficiency allows doctors to focus more on patient interaction
  • Increases patient confidence that your practice keeps their identity-sensitive data safe and secure, away from prying eyes


Press Release from 2014