Toby D. – COO

Toby is the longest tenured CRC employee, second to only the boss man. Since 2004 Toby has been an integral and driving force in the success and growth of CRC.

A liberal arts Computer Science Degree from Willamette University as well as a year of AmeriCorps Service as a Low Income Housing Technology Coordinator helped Toby build a solid foundation. In 2008, Toby temporarily relocated to Columbus, Ohio where he managed IT Operations from a far. This gave CRC a chance to fine tune and refine procedures to be more efficient in managing our clients. More recently,  Toby has been an active member in growing our Managed Service family and developing new strategies and practices to better serve our clients.

In his free time Toby enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. He is an IPA enthusiast and likes getting outside. Toby’s dog Willie is also the office mascot who loves bananas. Willie can usually be found sleeping at the foot of Toby’s desk dreaming of a simpler life.