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Managed Services

We listen to our clients, and based on specific requests we developed the Managed Services Plan.

What is our Managed Services Plan?

  • Managed Services allows us to provide a higher level of customer service for less
  • It is CRC taking responsibility for your network
  • It is Managing IT costs along with the chaos and complexity of your network
  • It is adding a level of predictability to your network
  • It is increasing the reliability of your network
  • It is little to no surprises

When we can take the problems and issues out of your network and keep them out, we allow you to do what you do best, run your business.

CRC continues to design personal maintenance programs to suit all of our client’s on-going needs. Maintenance schedules and programs enable our technicians to keep a constant watch over your network and systems. By identifying potential problems before they becomes serious issues that can cut into your office productivity CRC stays ahead of the game.

Proactive maintenance is guaranteed to save your office money:
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. As the old adage reads, a solid maintenance plan can help prevent down time and possible data loss. Maintenance plans are much less expensive than costly emergency computer repairs, not to mention the loss of revenue due to system down time.

Safeguard your data today!
Computer hardware is first and foremost a storage system for your documents and files. Secondarily it is a tool to perform work and create a work product. CRC understands that it is the stored product that becomes priceless, greatly surpassing the value of the original computer hardware. With that in mind a maintenance plan ensures that the computers housing the irreplaceable information are always in good working order, and that all data is backed up in a secure location, especially as it pertains to HIPAA compliance.

Just some of the items we take care of :

  • Hard drive capacity,  Unusual noises, System health
  • Antivirus system updates and scans,  Spyware system updates and scans
  • Software and Windows updates
  • Replacement and upgrade of hardware and systems (hardware purchased separately)
  • Emergency Services
  • Integration of new technology or devices
  • Consultation
  • Existing System and Network clean up (usually on new offices)
  • Cable management
  • Documentation of network and devices
  • An accredited technician there to answer any and all questions via e-mail, in-person, or over the phone
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Your IT Department

James Cosgrove CEO (USN)

James Cosgrove CEO (USN Veteran)

Toby D. COO

Toby D.

Celeste C. Accounting and HR

Celeste C. Accounting and HR

Mike W. Director of IT Security

Mike W. Director of IT Security

David B. Senior System Specialist (USMC)

David B. Senior System Specialist (USMC Veteran)

Nick W. Director of Network Operations

Nick W. Director of Network Operations

Matthew T. Senior System Specialist

Matthew T. Senior System Specialist

Liam M. Senior Systems Specialist

Liam M. IT Implementations Manager

Daniel G. Tech

Daniel G. Tech

Justin H. Senior Systems Specialist

Justin H. Senior Systems Specialist

Sean A. Tech 

Sean A. Tech

Nicolas M.  Tech

Nicolas M. Tech

Jordan Jr Tech

Jordan R. Senior Systems Specialist

Nico - Tech

Nico L. Tech

Sam H Tech

Sam H. Tech Senior Systems Specialist

Stephanie S. Tech

Stephanie S. Accounting

Denny - Tech

Denny C. Tech

Teddy - Tech

Teddy S. Tech

Joe C. - Tech

Joe C. Tech

Scott H Tech

Scott H.  Tech

Eddie - SM

Eddie  Tech

Jess C. - Jr Tech

Jess C.  Jr Tech

Austin B. Helpdesk

Austin B. Helpdesk

Rhett M. Helpdesk

Rhett M. Helpdesk

Murphy - Director of Hound Operations

Murphy Director of Hound Operations

Rey Office Hound

Rey Office Hound


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CRC Mission

Provide our customers with the best possible service at every opportunity.
Create a corporate environment that values customers and employees.


Our Mission is simple, keep the technology in your office working.

Our Dental and Legal Clients need their systems to do their job. When these systems become slow or completely fail it can cost our clients hundreds to thousands of dollars per hour. We understand this and strive to find better solutions to keep our clients systems running, even with a complete failure of a system.

We also understand that technology moves fast, an office can be handicapped by system slowness, failures or falling too far behind the technology curve. Outdated systems are more prone to spyware and virus attacks, placing you and your patients or clients data at risk. Outdated system can also mean a new piece of equipment or software can not be used until your systems are upgraded.

We look at all of our clients offices as part of our office. We are part of your team. Technology damaging your efficiency is a failure on our part.

We take a proactive, team oriented approach to maintaining our Managed Clients. Good communication between both parties means we have a good solid system for business.. We are always looking for better software, techniques, and solutions for our clients. Your success is our success.


“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”
–  Napoleon Hill

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