I wanted to write a note to let you know that you have a wonderful team of techs. They all are great, but I can’t say enough great things about Nico, he is absolutely the best of all, he is professional, knowledgeable, response promptly and provides excellent service. It gives me comfort knowing that I can contact Nico ( I usually request him based on previous experiences) and he without any hesitation will resolve the issue. I have been working in this office for 26 years and we never had someone as great as Nico helping us as well as he does. We recently started to work with Weave ( 9/27/2023) and it has been a total misery , I have been trying to have Weave resolve issues without success and finally decided to contact Nico. With in two hours, he resolved the issues Weave didn’t even try to resole for almost six months.  Nico makes everything look easy, he is very pleasant to work with , he is very helpful without being condescending. He is incredibly good at what he does, and I wanted you to know it.

Thank you so much.

Ella C. Office Manager Accent Dental

Dear Team-CRC,

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional IT services you’ve consistently provided to our office. Your dedication, expertise, and prompt support have truly made a significant difference in our operations. It’s safe to say that we’ve never been more satisfied with an IT company than we are with yours.

Your team’s commitment to excellence is truly commendable, and I wanted to extend my gratitude for consistently going above and beyond to meet our needs. Your professionalism and expertise make you all rock stars in our book.

Furthermore, I’ve recommended your services to my friends, including Dr. Eric Wagar, whom I believe has now chosen to work with you. Your stellar reputation precedes you, and I’m confident that others will benefit just as much from your outstanding services as we have.

Thank you once again for your exceptional work. Keep up the great work!

Best regards,

Dr. Darrin A. Rapoport B.D.S, M.S.D.
Pacific Northwest Periodontics & Dental Implants

You guys are top notch! Seriously, I love CRC! You take such great care of us.
Dr. Aimee Werremeyer (Sweet Tooth Dental)

You guys are indeed the most awesome IT team around. You are always there for my abundant questions and are quick to solve any problems that we have. We appreciate all that you do.
Sherri Dinkins (Giesy Family & Implant Dentistry)

I would like to let you know Justin Howell came to our office and did a great job at maintaining our computer, following up with Nobel Biocare on an issue we had with our scanner.
Thank you and your team
Allister PNW Prosthodontic Laboratory

Hi Toby, I will reboot my computer, I was just having printing problems but have that fixed thanks to my super hero Nick. Seriously he is the best. Everyone at your company is wonderful and has GREAT customer service. I’m sure you deal with frustrated people all day long. Kind of like us no one wants to go to the dentist. J Thanks for all your company does for our office especially our Nick. Your staff is the best resource of advertisement. We women like to talk between offices. J I ALWAYS say how great it is to have you guys watching our back and helping when we need it. You should be proud of your team. Huge thanks.
Sonya – Mark McDaniels DDS

I wanted to say thank you to your tech for checking our system on a Sunday night and alerting me that something was going amiss…. I was away but able to let Cori know and it seems they were able to get it working very quickly. I have never had anyone be so proactive and actually do what they say! It is wonderful to be with your company. I am so happy I made the switch.

Karla Aylen DDS
Northgate Smiles

You guys are AWESOME as usual. You call us to set up checks and every time we have a computer issue you respond within minutes. You can usually take care of things remotely, but if not, someone always shows up on-site to help us out.
You all are the best.
Sherri Dinkins (Giesy Family & Implant Dentistry)

Your crew was awesome today everything went great and they were fast and efficient. Really made this process go a lot easier than I thought.
Nate Tepp (Kutscher, Rhodes & Benner, Inc.)

Thank you for your assistance today, especially for being patient with me and keeping in mind that I really know very little about computer stuff – some people can get annoyed but nobody at CRC ever does. You are always kind and laugh with me about even the most simplest things that I need to try to do. J

Nick, as always was wonderful and fixed my problem in just a minute or 2. He showed me what to do with the modem if I have this specific problem again! He also helped with showing the cable guy where to go for that installation!

Daniel was also great with his help yesterday and right away this morning!

Your customer service is outstanding and I really appreciate everything you do for us!
Kim (Smile Secrets, Dr. Kari Chellis)

I wanted to thank you, and your team at CRC, for all of the great work you do. I have really appreciated your flexibility, kindness, and the great care you take in maintaining our office computers.
Linda Johnson DDS

You guys are the best and its the personal customer service and allowing your employees to take their time to show they really care. Now days its usualy just automation or web help. Please don’t ever rush your techs so much they lose that personal touch. I hope they take the time to do what is right for each account. Nick is still the best hands down. 🙂 Thanks again.

Sonya (Mark McDaniels, DDS)

For the first time in my 25 years of practice,  I do not worry about my computers. Your customer service is second to none. I have never had this quality before. Anything we need it is done and it works..
Dr Bart Tirrell (Endodontist Olympia WA)

Thanks!!!! You guys are the best. I didn’t even know the warranty was up until last week.  Seems like this happened right “on time.” I really appreciate you guys trying to help.  I have paid them over $50K for that machine plus warranties and they have never attempted to understand customer service.  You guys do.  I thank you (and James) personally.
Dr B

Just wanted to compliment your employee Tony that takes care of our office. He is a first class guy.  I had a list of followup things to deal with after last week’s final install of Windows 7 to our last computers & he very efficiently worked through all of them.  He also continued to clean up our wire mess in a cupboard & organize it better for us.
He’s always been extremely pleasant & patient with us & I just wanted you to know
how pleased we are to work with him.
Thanks,  Ann Reischl
Ann Reischl – Michael F Reischl DDS

James worked for me as a 3d designer and drafter for several years and I then hired James and CRC to manage all my company’s computer needs for the last 15 years. James and his group were always responsive and, as much as I looked, I never found the limits of his competence. James always took care of me. His company’s services were outstanding and his personal integrity is unsurpassed in all the business relationships I have had.

I give James my highest recommendation as a computer resource and business partner. You will not regret working with James.
Eric Bremner – Selling Point

Nick, thank you so much for all your work in our office. You did an amazing job both times, and we really appreciate it!  You guys all make everything easy for us!  From start to finish– everything is perfect!
Kristie McVay – McVay Knutzen Group

Thanks guys!  It’s great having an IT team that is on top of IT 😉
Excellent customer service!
Tanya McCann – Office Manager – Jeffrey P. Kanter, D.D.S., M.S.

We’ve had a long-term relationship with CRC and are very satisfied with their service. We can always depend on them to get the job done for us – whether it’s installing new equipment or software or dealing with any IT emergencies that arise.  They’re fast, dependable and a really great bunch of extremely knowledgeable guys.  Whenever we have an IT problem, we know that CRC will fix it quickly. They have our heartiest recommendation.
Ross Marzolf –  Director of Public Relations & Marketing  –  Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet Pizza

Wow, you guys are like super heroes! Thank you so much. I will be at the office Friday the 17th just before 9AM.  I truly appreciate you checking on it and making adjustments for us…very high service.
Steven A. Lemery DDS, MSD (Overlake Orthodontics) 

You have a great crew working for you.  Mike and Brian are very efficient, professional and very pleasant to work with.  Working with CRC makes me look good!
 Julie (Dr. Donald Joondeph)

Hi James, just emailing you to let you know how happy I have been with you and your staff. I’ve had a couple of power supplies go out on me the last couple of months. When I called, Toby was very helpful and courteous. Sometimes in business, we only get to here the negative stuff. Keep up the good work.
Dr. Eric Hanson

James and David,
Thank you both so much for the support you provided the past week or so to help us prepare for our annual meeting.  We had a perfect day without a single IT issue.  You guys are so patient and responsive to our urgencies.  You are all so greatly appreciated here.
Friday is almost here…have a great weekend!
Heidi (Puyallup Valley Dental)

Hey James,
It never hurts to hear good reviews…
I went to dinner with Julie (Harbour Pointe Oral Surgery) last week, she said, completely unprompted I might add, “I love CRC!” She went on about how great you guys are and how much she loves that you aren’t a bunch of geeks who tech-talk to her.
And, funny enough, on our way home we ended up driving directly behind you on I-5 between 196th and 405! We cracked up about that!
Chat later…
Danika (Cohen and Gottleib)

Just wanted to thank you (…again) for going the extra mile for us. I know you had a half day scheduled and a party, and could easily have stopped with the part out of stock and left it until Monday. Thanks for tracking down the part and saving my ass (since every problem with technology in the office is put on me)!!! If Eric is late to the party, catch him up with a few drinks and send me the bill.
Much appreciated. Have a good weekend. You guys get are solid.
W. Lee Martineau (Amcut Comany Inc)