Products & Services

Network Installations

CRC technicians are trained and certified to install standard network configurations though we specialize in multiple and redundant server networks. We understand the importance of this investment to our clients and go the extra mile to ensure that your system is protected against the many variables that threaten electronic equipment today.

Computer and Network Repair

Our team of certified technicians are trained to detect and repair computer and network problems. In an effort to add convenience for our clients, our in-house facilities enable CRC to pick-up, repair, and re-deliver your hardware. In most cases, the research and repairs can be addressed in your office with minimal inconvenience.

CRC has a five point systems check in place that further ensures the stability and longevity of your computers.

  • Hardware diagnostic
  • Dust removal
  • Check for unusual noise or heat build-up
  • Check cables and air flow for damage and obstruction
  • Install available window updates

Remote Support

Through the continuing evolution of technology, we are now able to provide remote access* to your computer wherever your business takes you. This allows continued support around the clock and around the globe.

*Remote access to your computer requires that you have an internet connection available.


CRC has been an industry leader in the Dental field since 1998. We service small independent offices to large clinical environments. We install, configure and maintain dental computer systems, clinical imaging, digital x-rays, as well as offering on-going training in all aspects of computer use and development. Our dental computer systems have been designed specifically for the industry to meet all vendor specifications. Our systems have built-in adaptability to meet our clients’ evolving needs.

We are a certified Kodak / PracticeWorks National Service Provider (NSP) and work with additional software vendors such as DSN, Dentrix, Dexis, Eaglesoft, Endovision, Softdent, OrthoTrac, Orthoware, Trophy, Dicom, and Schick.

CRC has a firm belief that the technology you use should enhance your practice not distract from it. Which means, in a nut shell, that we don’t like to see cables. Computers and monitors should be installed in a way that keeps your practice looking clean and aesthetically pleasing. Better for you and your staff, better for the patient and a happy patients sends referrals.


Maintenance Plans

CRC has designed personal maintenance programs to suit all of our client’s on-going needs. Maintenance programs enable our technicians to keep a constant watch over your network systems, identifying a problem before it becomes a serious issue that can cut into your office productivity.

Preventative maintenance is guaranteed to save your office money:¬†“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. As the old adage reads, a solid maintenance plan can help prevent down time and possible data loss. Maintenance plans are much less expensive than costly emergency computer repairs, not to mention the loss of revenue due to system down time.

Safeguard your data today! Computer hardware is first and foremost a storage system for your documents and files. Secondarily it is a tool to perform work and create work product. CRC understands that it is the stored product that becomes priceless, greatly surpassing the value of the original computer hardware. With that in mind a maintenance plan ensures that the computers housing the irreplaceable information are always in good working order, and that all data is backed up in a secure location especially as it pertains to HIPPA compliance.

Maintenance Services Include:

  • Hard drive capacity
  • Unusual noises
  • Removal of dust
  • Antivirus system checkup
  • Spyware system checkup
  • Software and windows updates
  • An accredited technician there to answer any and all questions via e-mail, in-person, or over the phone.


Since 1998 CRC has built its reputation within the legal community as an administrator of critical support in the areas of security, ethical practice and confidentiality. Further CRC supports the critical time lines that require immediate support throughout the country and the world.

Attorneys, Paralegals and all legal staff must rely on direct communication and the appearance of being everywhere at once. One of CRC’s commitments to our legal clients is to provide remote access and maintenance solutions on the go.

CRC will design a computer and/or network system that will incorporate what you need today while helping you plan for the future.