Backup Solutions

By now, you probably understand the importance of your data, and thus the importance of protecting your data. While virus software, firewall, and other security measures are all vital components of proper computer and network maintenance, the only way to ensure that your data will always be safe, is to back it up.

Your best defense is a dual backup solution. (Our Managed Clients have the local backup by default)
1) Local backup to a USB drive (Advantage is a faster restore – Disadvantage is it may be susceptible to virus or theft)
2) Cloud backup (Advantage is it is secure and safe from theft and viruses – Disadvantage restore speed)

Once your cloud backup is installed, backups start automatically. Thereafter, you need to do absolutely nothing. You never have to change disks, rotate tapes or label CD’s. Studies show that the primary reason that people do not backup their data is because of the hassle and the effort involved. Simply put, cloud based backup takes the inconvenience out of backing up your data.

Possibly the most important aspect of backing up is that your backup is offsite and stored in a different location from your immediate computer data. If you experience a fire or a theft your local backups would have been stolen or damaged and be otherwise useless. With CRC’s cloud backup solution your data is always stored safely, in not one, but two offsite locations, located hundreds of miles apart from each other.

Cloud backup can help your organization meet HIPAA compliance requirements, specifically those of the Security Rule.