About CRC

CRC Technologies has been the IT department for Dental and Legal offices in the Northwest for over 19 years. We are on a continual mission to fine tune and adjust the service we offer to better protect and serve our clients. Your network is our network and your technology running efficiently is our business. When our clients succeed, so do we.

Who is CRC?

CRC, a Washington based corporation, was established in 1998 by CEO and Founder James Cosgrove. Seeing a need for technology support with a customer service approach, the company, with the help of friends in the dental community, quickly found a home. CRC uses everyday as a learning experience, to better hone our technology skills, and to provide better customer service. We believe in using technology to increase efficiency and patient experience and flow.

CRC provides technological support to professional offices. By becoming your IT department we grow in our relationship with you. Your network becomes our network. We provide consultation and guidance to ensure that technological needs are met.

Our IT approach:

* Develop a blueprint of your network system
* Offer a variety of maintenance programs
* Stay on the cutting edge of technology
* Partner with well known vendors in the field

Our Mission:

* Provide our customers with the best possible service at every opportunity.
* To create a corporate environment that values customers and employees.