Protected Trust Email Encryption

Protected Trust email encryption solution

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Protected Trust offers simple and secure email encryption that protects your valuable digital information by ensuring privacy and compliance. Protected Trust easily integrates into your current workflow, and it’s simple for senders and recipients. Use Protected Trust to send secure emails when and how you want.

Simple to use – Protected Trust gives users exactly what they need. Recipients access the encrypted email you send at no cost without registering. Guest users communicate freely with business users, who pay for unlimited messages.

HIPAA compliant email – At Protected Trust, our privacy and security specialists manage technology to give you peace of mind. Protect and exchange confidential information with business  partners and clients. Comply with major government regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA, SOX, and more.

Secure virtual printer – The Protected Trust Printer for Windows driver lets you encrypt and securely send any document from a Windows application without having to save and store the document on your hard drive.

Email archiving – Protected Trust’s email archiving keeps your email securely archived and easily accessible. Our preservation, protection, and restoration features help safeguard intellectual property while assuring compliance.

Multiple Apps

Web portal – Access from any device, anywhere, any time.Microsoft Outlook – Our add-in for Microsoft Outlook works in conjunction with your existing email, so you can access your secure email from virtually anywhere.

Secure virtual printer – The Protected Trust printer driver lets a user encrypt and send any document from a Windows or browser application as a secure email attachment.

Mobile support for iPhone and iPad – Use your current email address to send secure messages to any email address. Access your protected inbox and sent folders. Open protected messages directly from the native mail app. Available to all Protected Trust users.