CRC Technologies announces partnership


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Computer Resources Corporation (CRC) Technologies announces partnership

With HIPAA security weapon AuthAir Inc.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — Puget Sound-based CRC, a trusted provider of IT products and services to dental and medical clients Washington state wide, is pleased to confirm it will now offer a practical, actionable solution in the face of growing pressure for practices to comply with the HIPAA Security Rule to keep sensitive patient data away from prying eyes.

“The number of steps and procedures an office needs to complete to ensure that its patient records are safe and secure is getting overwhelming. CRC is always looking at ways to increase productivity in an office, without compromise. AuthAir allows us to do this. The minute or so required to properly lock and unlock an operatory computer when a staff member leaves the area is lost time. If each staff member averages seeing 30 patients in a day, and you multiply that by the number of staff members at the practice, the wasted time adds up quickly. AuthAir Dental’s automatic lock and unlock makes that 0.”

Yaron Baitch, CEO of AuthAir, agrees, citing his team’s survey of over 10,000 practices, which captured a ‘desire to comply’ sentiment, a lack of surety over how to do so, and an equally important concern over not disrupting their current processes and procedures. Baitch explains, “We incorporated a lot of the candid feedback into the design of AuthAir Dental. For example, despite the HIPAA Security Rule prohibition against shared log-ins, a huge percentage of practices still use them. AuthAir Dental is different from many other solutions in that it doesn’t require painfully re-training your staff or forcing them to change behavior and it saves them time. The AuthAir Dental solution includes individual tokens, uniquely assigned to each staff member, which can be worn clipped to a belt or kept in a pocket. Irrespective of whether staff continue their sub-optimal habit of using shared log-ins, their token is now silently communicating through encrypted Bluetooth to each AuthAir secured workstation in their practice. Staff log-ins and movement are tracked effortlessly, without any change to their workflow, and a HIPAA-compliant audit trail is created.”

Baitch goes on to add, “AuthAir Dental’s tokens are set at fully customizable distances to trigger a lock on the workstation when staff exit the operatory for any reason. Since only valid users in possession of AuthAir Dental tokens automatically unlock the workstation when the staff returns within the allowable distance, the system is no longer accessible to non personnel left alone in the operatory.”

Cosgrove states, “I selected the AuthAir solution in large part because it works so seamlessly for doctors and their staff, and because I wanted to recommend an offering that can be easily deployed with existing hardware and software, leveraging our clients’ existing equipment. Moreover, as trusted advisor and partner to our clients, I wanted CRC to bring forward a solid recommendation in the face of their HIPAA fear and uncertainty. It’s also important to me that the AuthAir entry price point be accessible for our clients. At about $3,000 for a 7-person office to get up and running, and about $1400 a year –or- less than $120/month in years 2 and beyond, AuthAir Dental delivers affordable compliance – something everyone’s been searching for. The combination of the cost, its elegant simplicity, and comprehensive reporting and audit capabilities met my test.”

ABOUT Computer Resource Corporation (CRC) Technologies

Since 1998, CRC Technologies has been providing Computer IT support to the medical and dental community through out the Puget Sound area. CRC specializes the complete management of a dental computer network, from installation to maintenance, upgrades to hardware and software. Working with some of the biggest names in the medical and dental community, CRC has built a reputation of quality and integrity that you can trust. CRC routinely helps design and maintain complex computer networks, helping integrate all individual systems, audio, video, environmental control, lighting control and security into one simple to use, easy to manage system.


AuthAir is a pioneer in the next generation of seamlessly integrated authentication. Its solutions integrate with both simple and complex IT infrastructures, adding additional layers of security, helping dental practices – large and small – meet regulations with compliance, promoting industry best practices – all while minimizing end user behavior modification. The company’s AuthAir Dental product delivers the first of its kind security product to help ease HIPAA compliance concerns for Dentists nationwide. For more information, please visit

Media Contact: Jules Johnston, AuthAir, Inc., 1.203.361.9031

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